New Orleans Drink Lab

All cocktail classes are taught by our award-winning team.
We welcome small groups for an interactive, hands-on New Orleans cocktail experience.

Classic New Orleans Cocktails

A two-hour session led by one of our Master Bartenders. Learn to mix New Orleans classic drinks in this unique hands-on master class. The 2-hour session includes welcome drinks, cocktail history, skills, tools, demos, and shaking and making cocktails like the Sazerac, Ramos Gin Fizz, and the original Hurricane. Sign up below or call us for other times and dates. 504-522-8664.

The Makings of Mixology

This two-hour session provides a great way to take your bartending skills to the next level. You’ll learn about mixing different flavors, using fresh ingredients, bitters, and other industry secrets that keep your skills fresh and up to date. Impress your friends with knowledge, fun, and great ways to serve some of the most creative cocktails. Small lunch is served.

Wine Enthusiast Tasting

We have a fine selection of favorites and influential wine varieties from around the region. We offer a fun and exciting way to learn and sip some of the best wines around. You will get helpful tips including how to sip, smell and slurp when tasting. We build a great foundation for you, our budding wine tasters while getting to know the characteristics of each particular variety. Two-hour master class.

Bourbon & Whiskey Tasting

The ultimate tasting experience for liquor lovers. This two-hour master class offers facts, history, and samples from some of our best selections. You will look it over, give it a twirl, sniff, take a deep breath, and drink. No two tastes are the same and the best way to experience the complexities of the spirit is to taste it. You will taste the artisan craft of hundreds of years of tradition through the unique quality, taste, and character our selections have to over. Snacks included.